NIS to Establish a Joint Venture with Swiss Met Group

The joint venture is established in order to build 102 MW wind park in Serbia.

NIS published a statement which they announced that they will be starting a joint venture with Swiss MET Group, in order to build 102 MW wind park in Serbia. The joint venture was established after MET acquired from third party a 50% share in a Serbian wind farm.

MET Renewables AG (owned 100% by MET Group) was officially registered as a shareholder on 19 March 2019. Wind Park Plandište will be operated in a joint structure, each firm holding a 50% stake in a company called NIS–MET Energowind.

The 102 MW wind park, located next to Plandište (Serbia), will supply power equivalent to the consumption of around 85,000 households. The construction of WF Plandište will start in 2019, so it is expected to have fully operational wind farm in 2021.

Note that in December, NIS CEO, Kirill Tyurdenev, stated that Serbia’s government plans to buy electricity produced by wind energy sources at a price of 92 euro ($104.6) per MWh in the next 12 years. In January, he stated that NIS plans to invest 140 million euro in the project.

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