Monbat AD Publishes Financial Results for 2018

In 2018 Monbat AD observed -5.5% in sales revenues YoY, -30.2% in EBITDA YoY and -74.4% profit decrease YoY.

Monbat published a document stating their financial result in December 2018.

According to it, the companies in the economic group of Monbat AD have generated consolidated net sales revenues in the amount of BGN 23.5m, which is an increase of 4.9% YoY.  This would make their net sales revenues for 2018 amount to BGN 301.6m, which is a decrease of 5.5% YoY. Note that Production makes for 93% of Monbat’s 2018 net sales revenues.

Furthermore, Monbat AD has observed an EBITDA of BGN 1m in December 2018, which is a increase of 9% YoY. Meanwhile, their EBITDA for 2018 amounts to BGN 27.6m, which is a decrease of 30.2% YoY. 

Also, Monbat’s consolidated loss in December 2018 amounted to BGN 1.4m, which is a decrease of 119% YoY, while their 2018 pre-tax profit amounted to BGN  5.8m (after the deduction of minority interest), which is a decrease of 74.4% YoY.

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