MedLife Announces the Increase of the Existing Syndicated Loan by the Amount of EUR 50m

MedLife announces the increase of the existing syndicated loan to EUR 185m, an increase of EUR 50m.

MedLife announced the increase of the existing syndicated loan in the amount of EUR 50m, to a total value of EUR 185m. The funds will be used to strengthen the position of the Company at the national level, increase its presence at the regional level, as well as amplify the research projects carried out by the Company.

The Company aims to develop regional hospitals and expand the medical infrastructure. They also aim to consolidate their presence on the international market, with the Company already being present on the Hungarian market since 2019. Another priority is the continuation of the research division, which plays an important role in monitoring the pandemic, with the Company conducting numerous studies with its own resources.

As a reminder, Medlife closed the first 9M of this year with a consolidated turnover of EUR 240m (RON 1.2bn), up by 56.5% compared to the period last year. The financial outlook for the end of the year is even more optimistic, with MedLife potentially being the first medical company in Romania to reach one-third of a billion euros turnover this year.

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