Luka Koper FY 2019 Revenue and Throughput

In FY 2019, Luka Koper recorded revenues of EUR 224.46m (+1% YoY), which is 7.5% lower compared to the plan. Meanwhile, throughput amounted to 22.79m tons (-5% YoY), which is 7.6% lower compared to the plan.

Luka Koper published an announcement on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange stating their FY 2019 revenues and throughput.

According to preliminary data, revenues of Luka Koper in 2019 amounted to EUR 224.5m, representing 1% YoY increase. However, note that such a result is 7.5% lower compared to the plan.

Maritime throughput was below the level registered in 2018 (-5% YoY) and 7.6% below the plan, totaling 22.79m tons. The decrease could primarily attributed to the lower throughput of dry bulk cargoes, which recorded a 17.17% decrease of 1.37 tons. It is worth noting that lower throughput was recorded in most commodity groups, with the exception of liquid cargo (+11.73% YoY), where we managed to achieve a historical record in throughput of 4.3m tons. Such performance of liquid cargoes came on the back of favorable trends in fuel transport and the capacity of liquid cargo terminals.

wdt_ID Cargo throughput (tons) 2019 2018 Change

Certain terminals, mainly Container Terminal, General Cargo (metal products segment) Terminal, Car Terminal and Iron Ore and Coal Terminal which are indirectly involved in the supply chain of these industries, have been most affected by the decline in production. Over the last quarter, the Car Terminal has seen an increase in throughput, which is mainly due to the tendency of manufacturers to place cars on the market before the end of the year.

The second half of 2019 was marked by an economic downturn which was perceived in individual industries, especially in the car production, electronics and steel products industries. Trade wars and political unrest, especially in overseas markets, have further contributed to the uncertainty. The decrease in industrial production was reflected in the reduced throughput of raw materials, semi finished products, components and finished products.

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