InterCapital Reignites Market Making in Slovenia After 10 Years

Krka and Triglav signed market making mandates with InterCapital, a move targeted at further easing investments into the shares by reducing spreads and price volatility. We are extremely proud of our first cross-border mandate and honoured to be the first broker to reintroduce market making to the Ljubljana Stock Exchange after 10 years.

Being a market maker means that InterCapital will continuously put both bid (buy) and ask (sell) orders on Krka and Triglav shares at a pre-defined spread. The idea is to enable investors to buy or sell the shares (up to a certain size) at any time within a reasonable volatility range.

Krka is the largest listed company in Ljubljana, and generates most of the exchange’s turnover. Triglav comes second in terms of market capitalization, taking into account that most of the recently IPOed NLB Bank is traded in London in the form of GDRs. Both Krka and Triglav have been shining examples of corporate governance and orientation towards investors. The companies are regularly present at investors’ conferences (in addition to organizing their own), and Krka has recently attracted more attention by boosting the share buyback programme. Adding a market maker is a further step to ease investments into their shares and provide more liquidity.

InterCapital is already an established market maker in Croatia, covering 8 blue-chip companies, all part of the CROBEX index. According to our experience, the service accounts for a significant portion of the shares’ total turnover. Adding Krka and Triglav to our market making portfolio marks our first cross-border expansion. We are proud of having earned the companies’ trust and will do our best to continue providing the best service possible. We remain dedicated to making investments into the region more attractive by supporting transparency and liquidity, and we thank our partners for supporting us in achieving this goal.

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