Index Committee Announces Revision of CROBEX & CROBEX10

Đuro Đaković was excluded from CROBEX and CROBEXtr, while HPB, Tankerska Next Generation, Saponia and Petrokemija were included.

The Index Committee of the Zagreb Stock Exchange announced the revision of CROBEX, which was based on trading data from the period since 1 March 2021 until 31 August 2021.


Đuro Đaković Grupa did not meet the requirements of the Index Committee and was therefore excluded from CROBEX and CROBEXtr.

On the other hand, the companies which met the requirements of the Index Committee and were therefore included in CROBEX and CROBEXtr are:

HPB,Tankerska Next Generation, Saponia and Petrokemija

Following the revision of the index, CROBEX will have 21 constituents.


OT–Optima Telekom did not meet the requirements and was excluded from the mentioned indices, whereas Atlantska plovidba met the requirements and was therefore included.

Meanwhile, there were no changes in CROBEXprime and ADRIAprime.

Indices will have a new structure after 17th of September 2021 with 1st day of trading on 20nd of September 2021.

You can find the new composition of CROBEX in the table below.

wdt_ID Ticker Free float factor Number of shares Representation Factor
1 ADPL 70,00 4.199.584,00 1,00
2 ADRS2 95,00 6.784.100,00 0,45
3 ARNT 50,00 5.128.721,00 1,00
4 ATGR 45,00 3.334.300,00 0,55
5 ATPL 80,00 1.395.520,00 1,00
6 DLKV 40,00 24.719.305,00 1,00
7 ERNT 55,00 1.331.650,00 0,99
8 HPB 30,00 2.024.625,00 1,00
9 HT 45,00 80.766.229,00 0,18
10 IGH 50,00 613.709,00 1,00

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