HT Launches SBB Program Worth HRK 600m

The program starts today and will be lasting until 22 April 2026.

HT published an announcement on the Zagreb Stock Exchange stating that the Management Board has decided to launch a new Share Buyback Program with commencement as of 29 April 2021 (today) and lasting until 22 April 2026, as in accordance with the General Assembly’s decision as of 23 April 2021.

According to the new Program, the maximum number of shares intended to be acquired during its duration is 3,000,000, while the maximum amount allocated to the Program is HRK 600m.

The company notes that the SBB will be conducted under the condition that the highest price at which own shares will be acquired may not be above nor below 10% of the average market price per share realized during the previous trading day. We are proud to state that InterCapital Securities will be the broker through which the buyback will be concluded.

The buyback program is another way under which the company is returning cash back to its shareholders. As a reminder, HT has recently approved a dividend of HRK 8 per share (DY 4.3%). You can read more about it on the link, here.

Category : Flash News

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