How Often Have Slovenian Components Outperformed the Index in 2019

With a strong Slovenian equity market performance in 2019, we decided to bring you a short overview of how often Slovenian index components have outperformed the index.

We are bringing you an overview of how often the current SBITOP components managed to beat the index in 2019. For this, we calculated the percentage of times in which an individual share recorded higher yield than the index.

Percentage of Days When the Share’s Performance Beat SBITOP in 2019 (%)

As visible on the chart above, four out of eleven shares mostly performed better than the index on a daily basis. The first among them is Krka, which recorded higher yield than SBITOP 51.4% of the times. Also, the company’s share witnessed strong growth in 2019, rising by 26.6% and outperforming the index by 11.6%.

Next comes KD Group, which recorded higher yield than SBITOP 51% of the times, while outperforming it by 54.6 p.p. (the highest of all components). Petrol follows, observing a higher yield 51% of the times, while outperforming the index by 5.9 p.p. Next comes Luka Koper, whose share price observed a higher yield 51% of times while underperforming the index by 28.1 p.p.

On the flip side, Unior recorded lower yield than SBITOP 56% of the times, which is the highest of all components. Its share performed 29.6 p.p. worse than the index.

In 2019, SBITOP recorded a solid growth of 15%, ending the year at 926.1 points. When observing its constituents, 6 of them recorded a share price increase, one remained flat, while 4 recorded a share price decrease. Of those, KD Group observed the highest share price increase of 70%, followed by Krka with 27% and Petrol with 21%.

Share Price Change of SBITOP Constituents in 2019 (%)

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