How often do CROBEX10 Constituents Outperform the Index

Since 1 January 2020 up to date, half of CROBEX10 constituents outperformed the index more than 50% of the times.

The Croatian Equity market in 2020 could be described as a roller coaster, in which we have seen unprecedented volatility. For today, we decided to look at how often did each CROBEX10 constituent outperform/underperform the index. The figures relate to from 1 January 2020 to date.

In the mentioned period, the CROBEX10 has observed a decrease of 6.4%, while it has increased by 33.1% since its March 2020 bottom. Looking at the index constituents, one can notice that AD Plastik and HT have outperformed the index more than other constituents, that being 51.5% of the time each. AD Plastik has also outperformed the index by 3.6 p.p. in the observed period, while compared to the 2020 bottom it observed the highest increase of 86.2%. HT outperformed the index by as much as 11.6 p.p. which is the second best result among constituents.

How much did individual constituents out/under perform compared to the index? (p.p.)

Arena Hospitality Group and Ericsson Nikola Tesla follow, outperforming the index 51.1% of the time. Arena Hospitality has underperformed the index by 9.8% in the observed period, as the tourism sector was one of the most affected in the crisis. However, compared to the March 2020 bottom, the share is up by as much as 64%.

On the flip side, half of the CROBEX10 constituents underperformed the index most of the observed times. Of those Adris (pref.) leads the list, underperforming the index 56.4% of the times, followed by Valamar Riviera (54.9%).

How often do CROBEX10 Constituents Outperform the Index? (%)

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