How Often Did BET Constituents Outperform the Index in 2021?

We bring you an overview of how often did current BET constituents outperform and underperform compared to the BET index as a whole.

For this, we calculated the percentage of times (out of 252 trading days in 2021) in which an individual share recorded a higher yield than the index. As visible on the chart, only 3 out of 10 shares outperformed BET by more than 50% of the time. OMV Petrom outperformed the index 52% of the time, followed by Nuclearelectrica and Medlife which both outperformed the index 51% of the time. Other sixteen constituents individually underperformed the index by more than 50% of the time. Out of them, two constituents of the Index, Groupe Societe Generale and Teraplast, outperformed the index 49% of days and underperformed it other 51% of days, while other constituents recorded slightly worse performance compared to the BET index as a whole.

We also present you P/E multiples at which selected Romanian companies currently trade. We can clearly notice that BVB, Electrica and Alro at the moment trade at the highest prices with P/E ratio of 55, 54.2 and 38.1, respectively. It is important to notice that these companies have a very high P/E due to low reported earnings. Nuclearelectrica, Medlife, Conpet, OMV Petrom, BRD Bank and Transelectrica are to follow, and all of them currently trade at P/E higher of 10. Finally, we have Romgaz, Digi, and Purcari that trade with P/E slightly below 10.

P/E of Romanian companies

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