Free float of CROBEX Constituents

Today, we decided to present you with a brief overview of CROBEX constituents’ free float.

In our analysis we considered free float to equal all individual shareholdings lower than 5%, while pension funds and UCITS funds were considered as free float regardless of their shareholding percentage.

Free Float of CROBEX Constituents (%)

Source: ZSE, InterCapital Research

8 CROBEX constituents have a free float higher than 50%, indicating that 50%+ of CROBEX constituents are still held by a small group of majority shareholders. Of the constituents, only Adris (pref.) has a free float of over 90%.

On the other hand, ZABA and Kutjevo have less than 10% of free float. ZABA has a free float of 3.8% and is almost completely owned by Unicredit with 96.2% ownership. ZABA is followed by Kutjevo, Brodogradilište Viktor Lenac, and Jadroplov with a free float of 6.7%, 18%, and 29.6%, respectively.

The prime market is the most demanding market on the Zagreb Stock Exchange regarding the requirements set before the issuer. It is worth noting that it requires the issuer to have a free float of at least 35%. If we were to compare CROBEX to that parameter, a few of the constituents would not meet the criteria (ZABA, Kutjevo, Brodogradilište Viktor Lenac, and Jadroplov).

If we were to calculate the free float of CROBEX constituents while excluding pension funds, the results would be slightly different for some, but significantly different for the majority of companies. Namely, Croatian pension funds held EUR 2.34bn of the current total market capitalization of ZSE. This amounts to 11.4% of the current market cap of ZSE equity which amounts to EUR 20.54bn.

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