Equity Markets Slump Over Delta Variant Fears

Yesterday SBITOP dropped by 1.4%, while CROBEX noted a decrease of 1%.

The rising concern regarding the spike in Covid-19 cases (Delta variant) led to a selloff in equity markets on Monday, which resulted in a drop of virtually all equity indices globally.

The fears of more lockdowns on the horizon led to Dow Jones dropping by 2.1%, its worst day in 2021. Meanwhile, S&P 500 dropped by 1.6%, while DAX noted a 2.6% drop (also the worst performing day in 2021).

Turning our attention to the region, Croatian and Slovenian equity indices noted somewhat lower decreases, with SBITOP dropping by 1.4% and CROBEX dropping by 1%. Despite showing a relatively low decrease, this was actually the worst performing day for CROBEX as well.

On the Slovenian market, NLB was the worst performer, closing at EUR 62.6 per share (-4.3%). Meanwhile, Adris pref. ended being leading the losers among CROBEX constituents, noting a decrease of 3.12%.

Category : Flash News

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