Croatia’s 2018 GWP Developement

In 2018, GWP’s rose 9% compared to last year. GWPs in non-life insurances grew 10% YoY, while life insurance grew by 6.6% YoY.

In 2018, GWP’s rose 9% compared to last year. The total amount of GWPs collected reached HRK 10bn (includes insurers located in Croatia and insurers operating in Croatia but based in another EU country).

The amount of GWPs in non-life insurances, which traditionally account for the bigest portion, grew 10% YoY, amounting to HRK 6.7bn. Meanwhile, life insurance grew by 6.6% YoY, reaching HRK 3.1bn.

Croatia Osiguranje (together with Croatia Osiguranje Kredita) continues to account for roughly one third of the market, however the company’s market share fell by 1 p.p. YoY and now amounts to 27.9%. Despite the small loss in market share the company still managed to record an 5% YoY increase in total GWP.

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