Croatian Tourism in Q1 2021

In Q1 2021, Croatia observed a fall in tourist arrivals by 44.72% and a fall in tourist nights by 39.17%.

According to the report of the Croatian National Tourist Board, in Q1 2021 Croatia observed a decrease in arrivals of 44.7% and a decrease in tourist nights by 39.2%. To be specific, Croatia noted 325.8k arrivals in Q1, compared to 636.8k in Q1 of 2020. Of total arrivals witnessed in Q1, foreign tourists account for only 90.8k or 26% (compared to 58% in Q1 2020). Such figures show a decrease in foreign arrivals of 75.5%, which could be attributed to the continued restrictions throughout Europe.

Moving on to tourist nights; in Q1 Croatia observed 1.16m tourist nights compared to 1.9m in Q1 of 2020. Such figures indicate that the average stay per person increased from 3 nights to 3.3 nights. When looking at solely foreign tourists, average stay per person amounted to 5.5 nights, compared to 3.1 nights in Q1 2020. Of total tourist nights realized, foreign tourists account for 500k (-56.8%). Of that, tourists from Germany lead the list, accounting for 6.6% of total nights, followed by tourists from Bosnia & Herzegovina (5.4%).

When observing the arrivals realized in Q1 by counties, Istria leads the list with 17.7% of the total arrivals and most tourist nights (22.4%). Turning our attention to the type of accommodation, one can observe that hotels observed a 49.7% decrease in arrivals to 220.9k, while nights realized in hotels stood at 467.9k (-48.8%). We note that nights realized in hotels account for 40.3% of total nights realized.

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