Croatian Tourism in January 2019

In January 2019, Croatia observed the arrival of 0.2m tourists (-1.4% YoY), while tourists nights amounted to 0.5m (-5.2% YoY).

Croatian Bureau of Statistics published a document about tourism in January 2019.

According to the report, January 2019 observed the arrival of 0.2m tourists, which represents a decrease of 1.4% YoY. Meanwhile, tourists nights amounted to 0.5m, which represents a decrease of 5.2% YoY. This would mean that on average tourists stayed for 2.4 days in January 2019, compared to 2.5 days in January 2018.

The most foreign tourist nights in January 2019 were recorded by tourists from Slovenia, as much as 34 thousand nights (11.4% of the total foreign tourist nights), and by tourists from Italy, with 30 thousand nights (10.2% of the total foreign tourist nights).  When compared to January 2018, tourists from Slovenia observed a 6.4% increase, while tourists from Italy observed a 9.4% decrease.

Zagreb observed the largest number of tourist arrivals and nights in January 2019. Arrivals amounted to 56 thousand, which represents 27.0% of the total arrivals, and 121 thousand nights, which was 23.9% of the total nights.  Despite this, Zagreb recorded a decrease of 9.4% in tourist arrivals and of 14.5% in tourist nights YoY.

The most tourist nights were observed in hotels, as much as 0.31m, which represents 61.9% of the total number of nights. Compared to January 2018, hotels recorded a decrease in tourist arrivals of 1.2% and in tourist nights of 8.0%.

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