Croatian Tourism in H1 2021

In H1, tourist arrivals increased by 54.9% YoY, reaching 2.6m. Meanwhile, tourist nights noted an increase of 53.2% YoY to 11.9m.

In H1 of 2021 arrivals in Croatia reached 2.6m, noting an increase of 54.9% (or 913k). During the first six months of the 2021 the most tourists arrived from the Germany (22% of foreign arrivals). Slovenian and Austrians follow with 17.6% and 11% of total foreign arrivals.  

When observing tourist arrivals, one can note an increase of 53.2% to 11.9m. This indicates that the average stay in H1 stood at 4.6 nights (compared to 4.7 in H1 2020). We note that German tourists accounted for 20.4% of the foreign nights.

In H1 Istria witnessed the most arrivals (27.45%), noting an increase of 78.5% YoY (up by 310.9k). Meanwhile, the region that experienced the highest relative increase in the tourist arrivals was Split-Dalmatia county with more than a 90% YoY increase.

Turning our attention to accommodation types, one can note that camps noted 22.5% of all nights realized, while hotels accounted for 23.11%. In terms of arrivals, hotels noted an increase of 49% YoY, while camps noted an increase of 88.3% YoY.  

When observing solely June, one can note an increase in tourist arrivals of 63.7%, to 1.52m. Meanwhile, tourist nights reached 7.94m (+61.56% YoY). Of that, foreign tourists account for 83.3%. We add that the average stay per tourist stood at 5.2 nights.  

Where does Croatia’s summer season stand currently?

Looking at the table below we can see how the tourist segment must perform in the following 3 months to reach the numbers of the pre-pandemic year of 2019.

Arrivals & Nights needed to reach 9M 2019 levels (in the next 3 months)

wdt_ID 9M 2019 to reach 2019 arrivals to reach 2019 nights
1 100% 16.217.252,00 91.034.519,00
2 90% 14.338.006,00 80.744.459,00
3 80% 12.458.760,00 70.454.399,00
4 70% 10.579.514,00 60.164.339,00
5 60% 8.700.268,00 49.874.279,00
6 50% 6.821.022,00 39.584.219,00

Source: Croatian National Tourist Board, InterCapital Research

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