Croatian Tourism in February 2022

In February 2022 tourist arrivals and tourist nights in Croatia doubled.

The Croatian Tourist Board has published its latest report on the tourist industry developments in February 2022. In the report, we can see that the total tourist arrivals doubled, and tourist nights also doubled as compared to February 2021. This recovery is one that has been experienced by the industry for most of 2021, and this trend continues in 2022. With the ever-increasing vaccination rates and the most dominant form of the COVID-19 (Omicron) being a milder one, this recovery shouldn’t surprise anybody.

More specifically, this means that in February, Croatia had 230.13k of arrivals. This is the aforementioned increase of 104.3%, as compared to 112.63k in the same period last year. Of that, 118.6k (or 52%) were foreign tourist arrivals, an increase of 5.2x YoY. Meanwhile, domestic tourists accounted for the remaining 111.53k, representing an increase of 24% YoY.

Moving over to the tourist nights, in February 2022, Croatia noted 655.54k tourist nights, which is double (2x)compared to 336.97k in the same period of 2021, an increase of 95% YoY. Of that, foreign tourist nights accounted for 397.76k (or 61%), an increase of 3x YoY. At the same time, domestic tourist nights amounted to 257.78k, (or 39%), an increase of 24% YoY. This would mean that the average stay per person decreased from 2.99 nights per person to 2.85 nights per person. This is in line with the trend that has been recorded in 2021, looser movement restrictions allow tourists to move a lot more and visit more places.

In February, domestic tourists had the largest share of tourist nights, at 39%, followed by Slovenia at 12%, Bosnia and Herzegovina, at 7%, and Germany and Austria, at 6%. Dividing the tourist nights by counties, Istria lead the way with 167.1k tourist nights (or 25.5%), followed by Kvarner with 110.1k (or 16.8%), and Grad Zagreb, with 104.1k (or 15.9%). In total, these 3 counties accounted for 58.2% of all tourist nights in February 2022.

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