Croatian Tourism in April 2019

In April 2019, Croatia observed the arrival of 1.1m tourists (+16.4% YoY), while tourists nights amounted to 3m (+18.4% YoY).

Croatian Bureau of Statistics published a document about tourism in April 2019. According to the report, April recorded the arrival of 1.1m tourists, which represents an increase of 16.4% YoY. Meanwhile, tourist nights amounted to 3m, representing an increase of 18.4%.

Domestic tourists observed an increase of 3% in arrivals and 4.9% in tourist nights. Meanwhile, foreign tourists recorded an increase of 19.2% in arrivals and a 20.7% increase in tourist nights.

In April, the most foreign tourist arrivals and nights were recorded by tourists from Germany (136 thousand arrivals and 513 thousand nights), which make up for 14.6% of the total foreign tourist arrivals and 19.9% of the total tourist nights. These were followed by the nights by tourists from Austria (10.8%), Slovenia (9.9%), Italy (6.9%), United Kingdom (5.9%), France (4.5%), Poland (4.3%) and USA (3.6%)

Dubrovnik observed the largest number of tourist nights in April 2019 (331 thousand nights), which makes up for 23.2% of the total tourist nights. Of that, 94.2% was recorded by foreign tourists and 5.8% by domestic tourists.

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