Cinkarna Celje Receives EUR 3 DPS Counterproposal

At the current share price, dividend yield is 11.7%.

The Association of Small Shareholders of Slovenia (MDS) sent a counterproposal regarding the profit distribution. To be specific, the MDS proposes a dividend distribution of EUR 3 per share.

MDS states that in the convocation, the company and the Supervisory Board of Cinkarna Celje proposed a division of only EUR 3 per share, although the annual report for 2022 and the Q1 report of the company show that the company operates stably. The counterproposal party is convinced that it is appropriate and necessary for the company to distribute the majority of balance sheet profit to the shareholders. However, due to the receipt of aid under the law on aid to the economy to limit the consequences of the energy crisis, the payment of dividends should be delayed until the first week of 2024. The party thinks that no hesitation should exist for shareholders not to receive the dividend payments.

Thus, the MDS Proposes that part of the distributable profit in the amount of EUR 23.5m is used for the payment of dividends in the gross value of EUR 3 per share. Such a dividend implies a yield of 11.7%.

As a reminder, GSM will take place on 14 June 2023. Below we present you with historical dividend payments for Cinkarna Celje.

Dividend per Share (EUR) and Dividend Yield (%) (2012 – 2023)

Source: LJSE, InterCapital Research

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