Central Depository And Clearing Company Confirms Atlantic Grupa’s Share Split Date

CDCC confirmed the date of Atlantic’s share split will be 19 July 2022. Atlantic previously announced its share split of 4-to-1.

Today, CDCC confirmed the date for Atlantic Grupa’s share split. 19 July 2022 (Tuesday) will be the first trading day with an increased number of shares. Previously, Atlantic announced its share split of 4-to-1 along with dividend approval. You can read about it here.

As of yesterday, Atlantic was trading on ZSE at the price of HRK 1,500 per share. This would imply Atlantic’s share would be trading at HRK 375 per share in a week if the price stood the same. We note the share capital remains the same with the nominal value per share decreasing from HRK 40 per share to HRK 10 per share.

Category : Flash News

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