BET – Total Return Index at All-Time High

BET-TR closed yesterday at 13.768.38 points, which represents an increase of 26.7% YTD.

The Bucharest Stock Exchange reported new all-time highs for the BET-Total Return (BET-TR) index, which broke the 13,000-point ceiling in May for the first time in its history. That would represent a 19.8% increase since the beginning of the year. Since then, BET-TR observed a further increase, currently standing at 13.768.38 points, which represents an increase of 26.7% YTD.

BET-TR is the index that shows the return an investor would have made had he invested all the dividends back into the shares from the BET index, which mirrors the evolution of the most-traded 16 companies.

The BET index, at the end of May, closed at 8,493 points, which represents a 15% increase YoY. Since then BET index further increased and currently stands at 8,632.98 points, representing an increase of 16.8% YTD. The reason for such an increase is a mix of both international and domestic events but most streams from ex-dividend dates which gave a solid boost to liquidity and decision from the government that amended the provisions of GEO 114 regarding the Pillar II pension funds.

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