Adris Grupa Presents Plans for Reconstruction of Hotel Marjan, Announces Investment of EUR 480m Into the Tourism Segment by 2025

Yesterday in Split, the reconstruction project for Marjan Hotel was presented, with an estimated cost of more than EUR 100m. Adris also commented on its plans to invest EUR 480m in its entire tourism segment by 2025.

According to Adris and the media, The Group plans on investing an additional EUR 480m in the tourism part of its business by 2025. Because of these investments, Maistra will become the largest national tourism company in the luxury segment, positioned in growing and internationally recognizable destinations – Rovinj, Dubrovnik, and Zagreb (as well as Split, if we include the reconstruction of Marjan Hotel). The Group said that along with the investment and renovation of Panorama and Westin hotels in Zagreb, the investment into the renovation of the Marjan Hotel, which will be worth more than EUR 100m, will be one of the largest single investments in Croatian tourism.

According to the architectural Studio 3LHD employed for the project, the concept of the complete reconstruction of Hotel Marjan retains all the urban settings of Lovra Perković’s original project. It consists of a horizontal three-story base with two atriums around which the hotel’s public spaces line up and a vertical one that retains the functions as defined by the original project.

The project was conceived in several points, with the ultimate goal of fitting the building into the views of the city as much as possible. This is to be achieved by creating a pedestrian connection with neighboring plots, opening the atrium to bring light to the ground floor, ensuring an optimal view of the tower, and adding attractive contents to the roof, among many other improvements. The entire reconstruction is to be realized in the dimensions of the existing building.

As such, Hotel Marjan will have 5 stars, 285 accommodation units, and will spread over a total of 15 floors from the basement to the vertical of the tower, which will only have the accommodation units, as compared to other floors. A garage of 285 parking spaces will be located in the basement. Public spaces are arranged from the ground floor to the lower part of the roof floor. The facilities that serve to activate the hotel are two atriums on the ground floor, the larger of which is richly planted with Mediterranean plant species and will serve as a living room to which the two restaurants on the ground floor, with a total of 650 seats and the hotel lobby are orientated.

The congress hall will be divided into three smaller ones and will be able to accommodate a total of 500 people. Other public facilities are the closed part of the wellness area, which will be located on the first and second floors and will cover a total area of 1,700 m2. Wellness will consist of an indoor pool of 140 m2, an exercise area, and a spa area with saunas, relaxation areas, and massage rooms.

On the third floor, which is also the roof of the lower part, there will be an additional 1,700 m2 open part of the wellness area, which will have two open pools with associated sunbeds and catering facilities. A fine-dining restaurant will be located on the roof of the lower part, which will be accessible, apart from the hotel, also through a separate entrance, and will be able to accommodate a total of 100 guests. It will also have a covered terrace with a view towards Split.

The accommodation units will be located on the upper floors and almost all will have a view of the sea. Those in the lower part of the building will have contact with the outside space in the form of terraces or balconies, while the rooms and apartments in the tower will be a contemporary interpretation of the original project, but in which each of them will turn into a loggia by opening large sliding walls.

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