Adris grupa Going Ex-date Today

Today is the ex-dividend date for Adris grupa’s regular (ADRS) and preferred (ADRS2) shares. Typically, on the ex-dividend date, share prices tend to decrease by approximately the amount of the dividend yield. For Adris grupa, the dividend yield is 3.1% for regular shares and 4.2% for preferred shares. Consequently, we should expect a similar decrease in the share prices. The dividend payment date is set for 24 July 2024.

This refers to the previously approved dividend of EUR 2.57, both for regular and preferred shares. Of this, EUR 2.28 will be paid from retained earnings from the 2005 – 2011 period, while the remaining EUR 0.29 will be paid from retained earnings from 2012 onwards. Based on the share price before the announcement, this would imply a DY of 3.1% for the regular, and 4.2% for the preferred shares.

Due to this, we expect today’s share prices to decrease in value for both share types. This is because the dividend payment incentive disappears on the ex-dividend date, leading to reduced incentives & a share price decline equivalent to the DY. This means we expect the regular share price (ADRS) to fall by around 3.1% and the preferred share price (ADRS2) to decline by approximately 4.2%.

Among other things such as the macroeconomic and geopolitical environment, as well as the performance of the company in question or the sector in general, this is one of the main indicators of the attractiveness of a given stock. To put things into perspective, on a YTD basis, the regular price grew by 1.3%, while the preferred share increased by 9.5%. Below, we present a historical overview of the company’s dividend per share and dividend yield:

Adris grupa dividend per share (EUR, left) and dividend yield (%, right) (2013 – 2024)

Source: Adris grupa, InterCapital Research

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