Adris Concludes a Share Buyback worth HRK 58m

Adris concluded a buyback in which they bought 54,938 regular shares (ADRSRA CZ) at HRK 525 per share and 65,688 preferred shares (ADRSPA CZ) at HRK 444 per share.

Following up on Adris’ share buyback tender, the company announced that it has concluded a share buyback programme worth HRK 58m. To be specific, Adris bought back 54,938 regular shares at a price of HRK 525 per share, which represents 0.57% of the same shares, and 0.33% of the total share capital.

The company also bought 65,688 preferred shares at a share price of HRK 444 per share, which represents 0.97% of the same shares, and 0.4% of the total share capital.

After the conclusion of this buyback, Adris owns 149,820 of regular shares and 321,015 of preferredshares . In total Adris owns 470,835 of its shares, which represents 2.87% of the share capital.

As a reminder, Adris Group published last week they are ready for another big share-buyback programme. Adris targeted up to 1,000,000 ordinary shares ADRSRA (10.40% of their total number) and up to 200,000 preferred share ADRSPA (2.95% of their total number). Bids were open from 18 February until 25 February.

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