Activity on the Macedonian Stock Exchange in May 2019

Trading statistics for May 2019 show an average daily turnover of roughly EUR 0.8m (+33%YoY).

The Macedonian Stock Exchange published their trading statistics for May 2019, showing an average daily turnover of EUR 0.8m. This represents an increase of 33% YoY due to public offering of two shares in May whose trading value in a months has amounted to EUR 9.4m.

When observing the top traded shares, one can notice that NLB Banka Skopje recorded the highest turnover of EUR 1.3m. Makpetrol Skopje follows with a turnover of EUR 1.2m. Alkaloid Skopje and Granit Skopje come next with a turnover of EUR 0.9m and EUR 0.8m, respectively.

Of the MBI10 index components, Makpetrol observed the highest share price increase in May of 19.85%. Alkaloid Skopje follows with an increase of 9.66%. Next comes Granit with an increase of 7.52%. On the flip side, TTK banka observed a decrease of 5.81%, followed by Stopanska banka with a decrease of 2.82%.

In May, the MBI10 index observed an increase of 7.4%, amounting to 3,871.71 points.

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