Activity on the LJSE in 2019

Trading statistics for 2019 show an average daily turnover of EUR 1.24m (-7.5% YoY).

The Ljubljana Stock Exchange (LJSE) published their trading statistics for December 2019, showing a total equity turnover of EUR 30.67m. This translates to an average daily turnover of EUR 1.7m (-2.8% YoY).

On a FY basis, total equity turnover amounted to EUR 304.4m, which translates into an average daily turnover over EUR 1.24m (-7.5% YoY).

Average Daily Turnover on LJSE

When observing the SBITOP constituents, 6 of them recorded a share price increase, one remained flat, while 4 recorded a share price decrease. Of those, KD Group observed the highest share price increase of 70%, followed by Krka with 27% and Petrol with 21%.

Share Price Change of SBITOP Constituents

Of the total traded value traded in 2019 (excluding block transactions), Krka generated 36%, followed by NLB with 14%, Triglav with 13%, Petrol with 8%, KD Group with 6%. These 5 shares generated 86% of the turnover recorded by the entire (equity) market, excluding block transactions.

Of the total traded value traded in December (excluding block transactions), Krka generated 32.1%, followed by NLB with 18.3%, Triglav with 9.2%, Petrol with 9%, KD Group with 8.1%. These 5 shares generated 76.7% of the turnover recorded by the entire (equity) market, excluding block transactions.

When observing the total equity market capitalization, it amounts to EUR 7.07bn. Krka’s share is the biggest constituent of the total exchange’s equity market capitalization, accounting for about 34% of the total value. Next, comes NLB with 18%. Further, Petrol holds 11.2% while Triglav accounts for 10.8% of the total market capitalization value.

In December, the main index of LJSE recorded a solid increase of 3.36%, ending the year at 926.10 points. Meanwhile in 2019, the index recorded a solid increase of 15% YoY.

On a more personal note we would also like to add that after being a member at LJSE for 3 years, for the first time in our history InterCapital was awarded as the Member of the Year of Ljubljana Stock Exchange. Such an award comes on the back of leading equity market share, research activities, multiple organized investor conferences and contribution of market making mandates. We would like to state that it is a great honor to receive the Member of the Year award at the Ljubljana Stock Exchange for the first time. For many years InterCapital has been the leading member of the Zagreb Stock Exchange and we are extremely proud that this year our expertise and quality of service were recognized by investors at the Ljubljana Stock Exchange. We take enormous pride in our achievement and will continue providing our clients with top notch services in order to retain our current position in the market.

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