A Tough Day for Equity

Yesterday CROBEX, SBITOP and BET recorded a decrease of -9.3%, -7.3% and -7.5% respectively.

Yesterday all regional markets plummeted which can be seen when observing the main indices of their respective stock exchange.

Performance of Regional Indices Since 2010


Yesterday 56 out of 65 traded stocks ended the day in red. CROBEX plummeted, ending the day at with a decrease of 9.27% (closing at 1,650.55 points). Note that the index observed such a sharp daily decrease only once since 2002; in October of 2008, when CROBEX dropped by 10.2%. It is also worth noting that the last time index was at this value was in March of 2016.  

Meanwhile, YTD CROBEX recorded a decrease of 18.2%.  

Of the CROBEX constituents, all ended the day in red, with Valamar Riviera leading the list (-16.2%). All tourist companies witnessed a double-digit decrease, as the markets seem have put a heavier weight to potential risks relating to Coronavirus.

As a result of the yesterday’s a drop, the P/E of CROBEX went from 15 to 13.64.

Turning our attention to the turnover, as a result of the sell-off, ZSE observed an extremely high turnover of HRK 46.63m (or EUR 6.2m), which is roughly 4.5 times higher compared to the average daily turnover of 2019.

Share Price Performance of CROBEX Constituents (9.3.2020) (%)


Slovenian’s main index observed a sharp decrease of 7.3%, ending the trading day at 817.92 points, with almost all constituents ending the day in red. When observing the SBI TOP since 2003, a higher daily decrease of the index was recorded only twice, both in 2008 (November 2008, a decrease of 8.1%).

Meanwhile, SBITOP recorded a YTD decrease of 11.7%.

When observing the constituents of the SBITOP, Unior recorded the highest share price decrease of 20%, followed by Cinkarna Celje with a decrease of 9.38%. Of the index heavy weights, Krka recorded a decrease of 9.22%, while Petrol recorded a decrease of 3.68%.

As a result of the yesterday’s a drop, the P/E of SBITOP went from 7.1 to 6.6.

Share Price Performance of SBITOP Constituents (9.3.2020) (%)


BET index, also witnessed a drop of 7.5%, ending the trading day at 8,733.96 points, with all 16 constituents ending the trading day in red. Such a high decrease was last time observed in May of 2010, when the index plummeted 11%.

Meanwhile, BET recorded a YTD decrease of 12.5%.

Of the BET constituents, Alro recorded the highest decrease of 15.2%, followed by OMV Petrom (-13.85%). Of the index heavy weights, Fondul Proprietatea recorded a decrease of 5.2%, while Banca Transilvania recorded a decrease of 6%.    

As a result of the yesterday’s a drop, the P/E of BET went from 8.21 to 7.6.

Share Price Performance of BET Constituents (9.3.2020) (%)

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