InterCapital Awarded as #1 Investment Firm at Ljubljana Stock Exchange

As part of yesterday’s Investor day in Ljubljana, Ljubljana Stock Exchange awarded issuers and member firms for their contributions and results in 2019. After being a member at LJSE for 3 years, for the first time in our history InterCapital was awarded as the Member of the Year of Ljubljana Stock Exchange. Such an award comes on the back of leading equity market share, research activities, multiple organized  investor conferences and contribution of market making mandates.

Regarding the latter, we InterCapital became the inaugural provider of market making services in Slovenia for the first time since 2008. Currently we provide these services for in Slovenia to Krka, Triglav, Petrol and Sava Re. Through this service, InterCapital aims to increase the liquidity and lower the spread in all in order to improve trading efficiency for both retail and institutional investors.

In addition, the achievement comes as a result of our continuous investments into fully independent research team and securities promotion platform with the aim to provide our clients a comprehensive, in-depth and forward-looking coverage of the most quality investment ideas in the region. Our research team has one of the largest coverages in Slovenia, currently covering 7 Slovenian issuers: Krka, Petrol, Triglav, Sava Re, NLB, Telekom Slovenije and Luka Koper.

We would like to state that it is a great honor to receive the Member of the Year award at the Ljubljana Stock Exchange for the first time. For many years InterCapital has been the leading member of the Zagreb Stock Exchange and we are extremely proud that this year our expertise and quality of service were recognized by investors at the Ljubljana Stock Exchange.

We firmly believe that this award confirms the validity of our strategy of constant promotion of the Slovenian capital market and the dedication of all our employees. In the coming years, we will continue to develop our services and be the pioneer of innovation in the regional market in line with global best practices, thriving to introduce them to domestic and foreign investors.

Last but not least, we would like to note that this recognition could not be achieved without our clients and partners and hence we thank all of you for your continuous support and trust. We are very proud to be the leading broker in Croatia and Slovenia and are looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the following years.

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