EURO 2020 – InterCapital Group Stage Predictions

As EURO 2020 is starting tomorrow, we decided to present you with our predictions for all group stages.

For today’s blog, we decided to steer away from the financial markets and address the elephant in the room: EURO 2020. The long awaited tournament starts tomorrow, while the first match will be played between Italy, as one of the co-hosts of the tournament, and Turkey.

Croatia found its place in Group D and will be facing England, Czech Republic and Scotland. This is the 6th time that Croatia is competing on the tournament (first being in 1996), while the country did not qualify for it only once (back in 2000). So far, the biggest success on the tournament was reaching quarterfinals in 1996 and 2008. As visible from the table below, we are expecting that Croatia will qualify for the round of 16 by ending 2nd in the Group.

Below, you can find our predictions on the development in each Group. We note that the stated predictions are a consensus of InterCapital Securities employees. We are by no means football experts, but there are definitely a couple football enthusiasts among us. Following the end of the Group stage, we will be revisiting our estimates to see how accurate they were and will be giving another prediction on the knock out stage as well.

Knockout Stage – InterCapital Estimates (Round of 16)

Group A:

  1. Italy (Winner) ✓
  2. Turkey (Runner Up) ✓
  3. Switzerland (Does not qualify) X
  4. Wales (Does not qualify) X

Group B:

  1. Belgium (Winner) ✓
  2. Denmark (Runner Up) ✓
  3. Russia (Qualifies as third) ✓
  4. Finland (Does not qualify) X

Group C:

  1. Netherlands (Winner) ✓
  2. Ukraine (Runner Up) ✓
  3. Austria (Qualifies as third) ✓
  4. North Macedonia (Does not qualify) X

Group D:

  1. England (Winner) ✓
  2. CROATIA (Runner Up) ✓
  3. Czech Republic (Does not qualify) X
  4. Scotland (Does not qualify) X

Group E:

  1. Spain (Winner) ✓
  2. Poland (Runner Up) ✓
  3. Sweden (Qualifies as third) ✓
  4. Slovakia (Does not qualify) X

Group F:

  1. France (Winner) ✓
  2. Portugal (Runner Up) ✓
  3. Germany (Qualifies as third) ✓
  4. Hungary (Does not qualify) X

Source: InterCapital Estimates

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