Cash Per Share of Slovenian Blue Chips

Today we bring you a brief cash per share analysis of Slovenian blue chips, coupled with a comparison of their current share price and the share price in the beginning of the year.

In order to see the strength of the balance sheet and how liquid Slovenian blue chips are, we decided to present you with a brief overview of their cash per share. This figure as the percentage of a company’s share price can give us more insight on the company’s strength on returning the money to shareholders (either through dividends or buybacks), paying down debt etc.

Cash per Share of Slovenian Blue Chips (EUR)

A high level of cash per share indicates a solid performance of the company, reinsuring the shareholders that the company is operating with “enough room” to cover for any potential difficulties and that the company has adequate capital.

Cash per Share as a Percentage of the Current Share Price (%)

When looking at the chart, Sava Re holds the highest cash per share as a percentage of their current share price, with cash per share amounting to roughly 38% of the company’s share price. Meanwhile, Triglav’s cash accounts for 16% of their current share price. When looking at the share price performance since the beginning of the year, Sava Re witnessed a 20.6% decrease, while the price of Triglav’s shares fell 25.8%. Considering that both of these insurance companies are quite compatible, one could conclude that investors are more interested on companies with more cash at hand.

Share price performance YTD (%)

However, if we take a look at the final chart, one can notice that defensive shares have recorded the lowest decrease in value among Slovenian companies, despite being in the middle of the list when it comes to cash per share. This might indicate that amid the current global turmoil, investors are looking to invest in companies whose products and services are expected to be in use even if the current situation takes a turn for the worse.

Filip Gracin
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