Luka Koper – 2020 Revenues and Throughput

In 2020, Luka Koper noted a decrease in sales of 8% and a decrease in throughput of 14%.

Luka Koper has yesterday published their preliminary, non-audited data, according to which the company generated EUR 206m in sales (-8% YoY). Meanwhile, maritime throughput noted a decrease of  14% and amounted 19.5m tons handled. The decrease in both could be attributed to the pandemic, which had a substantial impact on global cargo flows and affected also the performance of Luka Koper.

Luka Koper explains that the reason revenues decreased less than throughput is in better operations in the field of additional services, stuffing and unstuffing of containers and in higher revenues from warehousing in certain segments.

Despite the pandemic, the strategic container segment remained stable in 2020. The pandemic affected directly the liquid cargo, mostly because of reduced consumption of fuels, especially in airline industry. The lower car production output hit the entire supply chain, resulting in lower volumes of general cargo, mostly steel products, and the segment of the dry bulk terminal which is dedicated to raw materials for the steel industry.

Part of the reduction of volumes can be attributed also to the declining trend of thermal coal consumption, resulting from ever-increasing gas emissions taxes. As regards the car segment, the second half of 2020 was more encouraging, with more export volumes handled for the Far East – as a result, the decrease of cars throughput was much smaller than in other comparable European ports.

Luka Koper

Source: Luka Koper


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