Value of Last Weeks Taxable Invoices Up 10% YoY

This is still 4% lower compared to the same week in 2019.

The number of last week’s taxable invoices increased 10% YoY, but still 17% down compared to the same week in 2019, according to the latest announcement from the Tax Administration of the Republic of Croatia being tracked for Covid-19 pandemic purposes.

The weekly data issued by the Croatian Tax Administration, a department of the Ministry of Finance, shows that the total number of taxable invoices issued is 10% up YoY, same as the total value of those invoices. We still notice a 4% lower value than in the year of 2019.

When observing the number of taxable invoices regarding the accommodation and food services activities, we see a 5% fall compared to last year, and a 59% fall compared to 2019 (HRK -3.3m). The value of those invoices is up by 46% YoY and down 36% compared to 2019 (HRK -164.4m).

The number of taxable invoices regarding the wholesale and retail trade activities were up 10% YoY, which equals a 1% rise in the total value compared to 2019.

Category : Flash News

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