Upcoming Events – April 2021

Here you can find the dates for the upcoming events of the regional companies.
wdt_ID Date Ticker Announcement Day Country
213 30/04/2021 PODR Podravka Q1 2021 results Friday Croatia
214 30/04/2021 ADPL AD Plastik Q1 2021 results - investor presentation Friday Croatia
215 30/04/2021 RIVP Valamar Riviera Q1 2021 results Friday Croatia
203 31/03/2021 ZVTG Triglav FY 2020 Annual Report Wednesday Slovenia
204 06/04/2021 TLSG Telekom Slovenije FY 2020 Annual Report Tuesday Slovenia
205 15/04/2021 KRKG Krka FY 2020 Annual Report Thursday Slovenia
206 23/04/2021 ADPL AD Plastik Annual Report 2020 Friday Croatia
207 23/04/2021 LKPG Luka Koper FY 2020 Annual Report Friday Slovenia
208 26/04/2021 ADPL AD Plastik Q1 2021 results Monday Croatia
209 28/04/2021 ATGR Atlantic Grupa Q1 2021 results Wednesday Croatia

Given the current Covid-19 situation, some of these events might be subject to change (postponed or cancelled).

Category : Flash News

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