Ericsson Nikola Tesla Group takes over Managed Services for HT

Ericsson NT announced yesterday that they are taking over the full responsibility for building and maintaining HT’s telecommunications infrastructure from their parent company.

In a statement released yesterday on the Zagreb Stock Exchange, Ericsson NT announced that the Group will be taking over full responsibility for the Managed Services of build and maintenance of HT’s telecommunications infrastructure. The responsibilities carried down from the parent company are based on the contract which was signed in 2014 and runs until September 2020.

As a reminder, back in 2014, the global Ericsson signed a collaboration contract with HT in the managed services segment. As part of that collaboration Ericsson NT’s newly founded daughter company had to provide maintenance of HT fixed and mobile network in the next 5 years. This business was recorded under the Ericsson market and Ericsson NT was a sub-contractor for global Ericsson.

Category : Flash News

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